Brittany Whitworth

Certified Independent Health Coach


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​Brittany Whitworth

Health Journey Biography

I used to believe that being overweight, overworked, and overwhelmed was the way my life going to be.

As far back as 2002, it became more than evident that health was going to be the pain that led to a passion in my life. That year, at age twenty-five, I had open heart surgery that revealed a blood clotting disorder. Before this health scare, I learned that I had polycystic ovarian syndrome and had joined the community of couples who contend against infertility; the experience of three failed infertility attempts was very painful. Then, in 2009, I found out I had lupus. I felt so broken at age thirty-two.

But, what really opened my eyes, was becoming a mom again through the beautiful gift of adoption at the age of thirty-eight. I'll never forget traveling to Florida for my son's birth and feeling conflicted by my weight. There was a specific day, while in Florida, rocking my newborn son that I felt convicted. I was wearing elastic top pants in Florida because I didn't want to be in shorts. I was irritated at my fluffiness that made me feel uncomfortable in shorts and certainly a swimsuit in Florida! It was depressing and gave me uncertainty for the future and the kind of mom I was going to be for my daughter and newborn son. My husband and I were finally seeing our dreams of family come true through adoption, yet I was overweight, stressed out with my job, and had three chronic illnesses. I was unhealthy in body, mind, and finances!

These realizations prompted me to run and diet for a year, with little success. Everything changed when I found my health coach and this health and wellbeing program. Finally finding something that worked, helped me not only return to the weight I was when I graduated from high school but also create healthier habits. Now, I feel incredible in my forties! Even though my initial desire was simply to lose weight, because of all that I have gained, I decided to pay this gift forward and I love coaching others to health. From personal experience as well as coaching clients and leading coaches to coach clients, I continue to see that health in body, mind, and finances really does change your outlook.

Today, I am a mom of three amazing children, all through the gift of adoption.  As I have truly embraced paying this gift forward and have worked incredibly hard, we were able to fund our third adoption without assistance from friends, fundraisers, or grants.  I am so grateful to be the mom of my three beautiful children; with my healthier body and mind, I have the energy and confidence I certainly did not have when my son was born. I've also done some amazing things like climb Pike's Peak in Colorado, run two half marathons, and I even have the confidence to be in my swimsuit at the beach. I have learned so much about health and my future continues to grow even brighter.

My beliefs have changed. I’ve gone from believing overweight, overworked, and overwhelmed was the way to now loving and serving others WELL so they, too, can have new beliefs about their one life!

~Brittany Whitworth, Certified Independent Health Coach

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